Wild Date | Branding & Packaging

Solving for a Crunchy Conundrum

Devised and executed an innovative branding and packaging strategy for the health-focused snack brand, to resolve the eternal taste vs. health dilemma. This included analyzing competitors, consumers, and markets, to conceptualise a clutter-breaking design route.

Awards | Silver, Afaqs Startup Awards, 2023

Balancing Health and Taste

In today’s health-conscious society, consumers are increasingly seeking healthier snack options without compromising on taste. As the market evolves, snack brands are faced with the challenge of meeting these demands by offering products that are not only delicious but also aligned with wellness trends. We journeyed with Wild Date and Lucky Toe Consulting on a mission to bring the brand to life, creating a visual distinction and highlighting the USPs with clean ingredients and processes as the heroes.

Wild Date snack bars | Packaging design by The Content Lab

The Journey

Building an identity for the ‘on-the-go’ snack brand started by harking back to the idea of ‘anytime-anywhere’ with an effort to guide the brand trajectory as well as market perception into a fresh world. We found inspiration in the old stickered suitcases to depict easy mobility. The style leans into this mood, implicitly urging the user to ‘carry the energy bars on the go’.  

The design is based on an illustration style with the ingredients taking centre stage. The mood is fun and playful, lending itself to the use of ‘wild date’ in different connotations of the word ‘date’.

It draws from an outdoor experience, especially camping out in the wilderness. Afterall, it’s something our target audience would love to do on a date. The fire motif on the ‘I’ in the name connects to a bon-fire, a candle-light dinner as well as the chemistry between two people. 

The sticker style of packaging is unique and stands to make the user pick the brand over others in the aisle, while looking grounded and homely as artisan brands do.

Wild Date snack bars | Packaging design by The Content Lab