Vivo X Warner Bros.Discovery | UI & UX for website
Photography contest: A snapshot

Collaborated with Warner Bros. Discovery and Vivo to conceptualise, design, develop and curate a platform to run a photography contest that not only resonated with brilliant photographers but also empowered everyday Vivo users to share their creative vision with the world. The photography contest website was more than just a digital interface; it was a gateway to a vibrant community of photographers and phone users, a stage where creativity took centre stage.

Designing the platform

Creating a photography contest website takes an amalgamation of technical prowess, design sensibilities along with a keen understanding of the art form and its community. The journey began with a thorough analysis of the objective of the brands involved, understanding the target audience, the scope of the contest, and the desired user experience. This set us up for the design and development phases.

 During the design phase, great care was taken to intricately shape the website’s appearance, functionality, and user interface, ensuring a seamless and welcoming user experience from every perspective. This involved creating an eye-catching, responsive design that showcased images beautifully while ensuring ease of navigation. User-centric features like intuitive submission forms,  clear instructions and speed were carefully considered.

Website for Discovery and Vivo photography contest by The Content Lab
The contest drew interest from thousands of phone users and photographers to explore participating or simply getting inspired. The website traffic was an indication of the success of the activity.
Each of the categories had a winner each under Nature, Motion, Culture, Night, Portraits and Architecture. The winners were chosen from over 25000 entries.
Amongst all the entries, over 15000 were curated for the jury to score them based on specific criteria, to be in the running to win the contest.


The CMS was customised to bring the desired design to life. It involved building a secure and scalable architecture that could accommodate a growing number of participants and entries.  Features for image uploading, voting by the jury and real-time contest updates for admins were developed in a customised eco-system. Additionally, robust security measures were implemented to safeguard the intellectual property and functionality. Regular maintenance and updates were performed to enhance the platform’s performance and user experience.