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Vaibhav quit his brand & advertising life a decade ago to find his calling in visual storytelling. He’s a creative director who loves to collaborate on fresh ideas & emerging technology to create engaging content across the evolving digital landscape.

Vaibhav Mehta
Founder | Director

Apart from traipsing around the world as a writer, Supriya has a decade’s experience in design, development and marketing lifestyle content for digital platforms. She has authored over 40 books on travel but has an equal and enduring love for the digital space.

Supriya Sehgal
Co-Founder | Content Head

An eye for finding just the right eating joints in a city and catapulting brands to great heights - that's exactly what one needs in a digital marketing lead!
A natural marketing maven, Sumit's work is all about bringing marketing ideas to life for all our brands.

Sumit Chainani
Asst. Director, Digital Marketing

What do you call a man who prefers kabaddi to cricket and pani puri to pizzas? Well… nothing. We just accept him the way he is and love him for that. Digivijay Patil, our Producer is a small town boy who lives in Mumbai for his love for moving images.

Digvijay Patil
Sr. Producer & Lead operations

Mansi's life goal is to always think so outside the box, that the box is rendered a redundant character in any marketing conversation.
She likes cats but has none, likes painting but sucks at it, and is a good chef but hates cooking.

Mansi Shanbag
Creative Director

Everyone has a lord film, Ayushi's is called - Amelie.
Being on set, writing, editing, is where she connects with her passion.
She believed that life becomes better, instantly with French music.

Ayushi Anand
Sr. Creative Producer & post supervisor

Meet Johan. That's spelt with a J & pronounced with one too but you can call him Jo. :p
Besides playing with words and creating ideas out of thin air; Football, Fitness, Foooooood, Fåshïoñ and a whole lot of FUNNY is life’s F5 button to help him stay 'refreshed'.

Johan Barretto
Associate Creative Director

A copywriter by day, an amateur improviser by night and a poet at all times. She enjoys yoga, crime shows and conversations around mental health.

Shreya Sikka
Copy Supervisor

Cat whisperer masquerading as a typography loving graphic designer, Radhika's personal compass aligns with environmentally conscious, balmy towns and well, cats (even grumpy ones)

Radhika Bhushan
Art Director

Serial coffee lover and Netflix addict, Tanushree loves binge-watching, exploring cafes, food and traveling.

Tanushree Singh
Sr. Art Director

It's always a plus when a brand solutions manager comes with superlative partying skills! Doesn't hurt to have love for marketing, creative inclination and an irrational love for timelines either.

Gaurav Ghadge
Manager, Brand Solutions

A closest chef, poet, and intrepid traveller, Bobby brings all the exciting creative energy to lead client solutions for different brands. 100% sure that some great creative campaigns will be brewed!

Manager, Brand Solutions

Channelling his inner Drake or Kendrick Lamar is the most crucial part of Jobin’s design process. Once he’s got that down, the designs flow easily. Our finest source for all things rap and graphic design.

Jobin Samuel
Senior Graphic Designer

Changing her hair color, excel records, and sports - Nidhi knows just where to channel her energy. Especially sports. Move out of her way or be damned!

Nidhi Sachdev
Asst. Manager Human Resources

Super swimmer, footballer, complete OTAKU (person who loves anime) and someone with a special green thumb that works magic on gardens, Rahul joins us as a part of the Brand Solutions team and will be handling Only Earth and TCL.

Rahul Budhrani
Executive, Brand Solutions

From the land of Hakuna Matata, Niharika is a fully functional ambivert whose co-workers are always on the hunt for a shorter version of her name. Stay tuned to find out, if they succeed :p

Account Manager

Devoted to the mountains, paneer, his bed and crafting kick-ass campaigns!

Ashish Shah
Sr. Copywriter

Photographer, cinematographer and creative post producer - Shaurya has ALL the chops! Not to mention the never-ending enthusiasm for crazy shoot schedules!

Shaurya Gaur
Creative Post Producer

Atharv's number-crunching and Excel game is sometimes trumped - but only with cricket!
When not celebrating tallied balance sheets, he can be found obsessing over his PS.

Atharv Dange
Finance executive

Wizard at baking, making friends and ranking keywords on the 1 st page of Google, Akshata loves being a digital marketeer in a fast and ever-changing digital environment. Google might keep changing algorithms, but she’s got the baking part pat down for consistent yumminess.

Akshata Waghe
SEO Executive

Caffeine, carbs and colour gets Serah going! Perpetually glued to her laptop, Serah can be caught binge watching trashy shows, rom coms, F1 or football, and on particularly nerdy days, studying the world map. All this when she's not designing, ofcourse!

Serah Paul
Graphic Designer

Avinash joins us to bring even more creative power to the Disney, Spotify and other motion graphics projects. He's an ardent dosa lover (yum yum) and played football for the college team. Avi lives in Mira Road, Thane.

Avinash Bedwal
Motion Graphics Artist

Apart from creating animation content, Amit is obsessed with photography and bikes. It's also hard to strip him away from his PC when he's gaming!

Amit Chaurasiya
Motion Graphics Artist

We might have chanced upon that much-needed Marvel maverick to be on Disney projects. Movies, food and EDM music addict, Abhinav joins us as a Motion Graphic Designer.

Abhinav Saha
Motion Graphics Designer

A legit rapper (CryGene) moonlighting as a graphic designer and motion graphic designer, Shishir loves sci-fi stories, surfing behance, gaming and cartoons.

Motion Graphics Designer

A social media geek who loves reading, playing hockey and baking, Arpita checks the box on everything that someone handling a brand should have. Especally baking for colleagues 🙂

Arpita Parihar
Sr. Associate, Brand Solutions

An ambivert, coffee lover, potter head and chocoholic, Anjana has navigated the boggling tax consultancy (kudos), and finally found herself in branding. Writing since the age of six, she harbours the dream of becoming a novelist.

Anjana Gopalakrishnan
Sr. Associate, Brand Solutions

Apart from bringing her kick-ass social media ideas and rhyming prowess to the captions, Mitanshi can be found day-dreaming of globetrotting around the world. We'd rather she do it on Instagram instead. At the moment, we are desperately trying for her to warm up to dogs and cats.

Brand Solutions Associate

Aside from being a number crunching digital marketer who's partial to Excel sheets, Dhanush's loves backpacking and exploring India on his bike.

Dhanush D
Manager, Performance Marketing

For Japneet, fashion, music and number crunching goes hand in hand. We love the idea of a closet musician and blogger taking on performance marketing! Some very cool campaigns are likely to come out of this.

Japneet Kaur
Associate Performance Marketing

Apart from being a complete people’s person, Mansi has a wide array of interests from spirituality and fitness to make-up. Her side-hustle is being the life of parties!

Mansi Pillai
Sr. Associate

Faizan's comes with super SEO and web development credentials, and we love that they are just as strong as his love for travel, animals and video games!

Faizan Lambe
Executive, SEO

Digital marketing maverick and content creator, Ritik has his heart set on the outdoors just as much as CTRs and CPCs. His non-work life is all about treks, bike rides, gym, and combat sports.

Ritik Shrivastav
Sr. Executive Performance Marketing

While the pronunciation of her name is usually the hot topic of conversation, Celestee's more keen to get started about travel, Indie music, food and design.

Celestee Sakhare
Sr. Graphic Designer

For Saakshi, best things in life start with the letter B – Butter chicken & Bollywood. She loves illustrating and graphic design with equal gusto.

Saakshi Mittal
Sr. Graphic Designer

Once a medical aspirant, Akash took a U-turn and landed in the world of cinema. He's a bonafide Sunday lover for more reasons that one.
If you can't find him anywhere else, you know where to look - a football pitch!

Akash Kulkarni
Asst. Director & Editor

We have a legit zoologist on the team. Period.
P.S - She also aces client servicing, yoga and dance.

Omika Keswani
Associate Brand Solutions

Big on momos, movies, and foosball, Keona is currently giving all the foosball champs in the office a run for their money. We've parked some extra creds for her great copy chops as well.

Keona Kolkwalkar

Creative powerhouse with an always-on mind and heart, Asher loves exploring new places and as much as creative possibilities.

Asher Sequeira
Jr. Copywriter

Forever immersed in the world of illustrations and character animations! Firm believer that the imaginary world trumps the real one.

Samiksha Banka
Intern, Graphic Design

Master of conversations, fashion and dancing, Radhika brings boundless energy to the anything she touches.

Radhika Vora
Intern, Brand Solutions

Believes that graphic design is like exploring a whole new world! Also used the term, 'with every stroke of my mouse' with panache!

Ritu Parwani
Intern, Graphic Design

Moonlighting as a kick-ass designer while styuding and Netflix-ing requires some serious chops! Veda has this, and some.

Veda Nimkhedkar
Intern, Graphic Design

Medha is a Senior Designer (& relentless dog lover) with over 15 years of experience in website design and branding. She specializes in UI and branding, ensuring that businesses look fresh in the ever-changing digital environment.

Medha Sutwala
Senior Graphic Designer

Full-time web and app developer and part-time-traveler and entrepreneur, Rajiv is the rare breed of ingenious developers who get their inspiration from all things non-digital - mountains, roads, forests, and waterfalls. Go figure!

Rajiv Verma
Senior Web Developer

A coffee addict, avid traveller and greedy hoarder of arbid music from around the world. She has worked with leading newspapers and magazines for close to a decade and while she misses the buzz of a newsroom, her new-found love for the digital space keeps her going.

Harini Sriram
Freelance Journalist

Undercover Jedi and production powerhouse, Oshin has worked with some of the most exciting collaborators and brands in the industry. She has the innate ability of picking the right talent for the right jobs to create superior visual content with a kick-ass team.

Oshin Gupta
Creative Producer

An avid skipper of most meals, Nilesh survives wonderfully & exclusively on a steady dose of Starbucks coffee & 3D modelling. He was born to be a digital star!

Nilesh Singh
3D & Digital Specialist


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