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Spotify Singles | Launch of Armaan Malik’s Tu/You

Creatively conceptualised and executed the launch of artist Armaan Malik’s single, TU/YOU on Spotify’s digital channels. This comprehensive campaign encompassed the strategic development of creative assets, collaborative shooting sessions with the artist, the creation of compelling advertising materials, formulation of effective social media strategies, and the seamless implementation of the launch to ensure maximum impact on listenership.

Elevating Spotify’s ‘Singles’ Format – Armaan Malik’s Birthday Campaign

The primary objective of this campaign was to enhance Spotify’s ‘Singles’ format by strategically engaging the dedicated ‘Armaanians’ fandom. The goal was to create anticipation leading up to Armaan Malik’s birthday, culminating in the release of his latest single, ‘TU/YOU,’ and subsequently driving users to the song on the Spotify app. The campaign aimed to build intrigue before the release, generate excitement after the launch, and utilize various social activities tied to the campaign, over a period of three weeks.

Creative Strategy & Production

Insight: Armaan Malik’s birthday on 22nd July represents a significant day for Armaanians globally. The campaign capitalized on this by aligning the release of his latest single ‘TU/YOU’ with the celebration. The month-long strategy included teaser videos, launch assets, and sustenance content, such as a gamified video with Armaan, behind-the-scenes footage, remixes, and call-to-action videos for ads. An offline event further enriched the engagement experience.

Overall Wins:

The planning and execution aimed not only to engage Armaan Malik’s dedicated fan base but also to resonate within the broader music community, fostering an enduring impact on the digital landscape.

Pre-Launch Content: The translation video created with Armaan achieved a remarkable engagement rate of 33%, indicating strong fan involvement before the release.

Teaser Impact: The ‘coming soon’ teaser video had a significant impact, evident in high saves and shares, showcasing the audience’s receptiveness.

Short Video Reels: Short video reels proved highly successful, contributing substantially to the campaign’s success.

Post-Launch Engagement: The behind-the-scenes (BTS) video post-launch generated a substantial volume of engagement, further connecting with the fans.

Impact of the Armaan Malik Singles campaign conceptualised and produced for Spotify by The Content Lab