Swiggy Instamart's first YouTube channel, conceptualised and produced by The Content Lab

Building Swiggy Instamart’s YouTube Channel: Dish It Yourself

Creatively conceptualised and implemented the content strategy for a new YouTube channel, ‘Dish it Yourself’ for Swiggy Instamart. The idea was anchored in creating entertainment-focussed IPs that reinforced the message of ‘Groceries in Minutes’ & encouraged users to effortlessly purchase ingredients with just a click.

Objective & Creative Solution

Swiggy Instamart approached us with the objective of creating entertainment-oriented content to seamlessly connect with viewers. The brand aimed for the content to reinforce the message of ‘Groceries in Minutes’ & encourage users to effortlessly purchase ingredients with just a click.

Creative Solution
Statistics reveal that India has the largest YouTube audience, at approx. 462 million users. The platform commands an 88% share of video consumption (Source: Afaqs | CNBC TV18). Notably, recipes constitute one of the primary areas of content creation & interest.

We conceptualized a series anchored on a YouTube channel named ‘Dish it Yourself by Swiggy Instamart.’ The channel serves as the go-to destination for viewers to learn how to prepare various recipes, infused with a crucial ingredient – humor. The brand’s message has been interwoven into lighthearted scripts, complemented by expert tips from real celebrity chefs. At the onset, the channel creation involved conceptualization, design, scripting, recipe vetting, & end-to-end production, including collaborations with chefs.

All videos are hosted by Sous Chef (stand-up comedian Govind Menon) alongside an expert Chef. The goal is to present viewers with a recipe delivered with humor whether they’re salivating, hangry, celebrating, feeling lazy, or have just 30 seconds!

The series was designed and implemented in a manner that ensured sustainability and cost-effectiveness for long-term production. Several key strategies were employed to support this approach:

  • Filming up to four videos in a single day.
  • Adopting a single kitchen format with a consistent backdrop.
  • Leveraging Influencer Chefs for amplification

Dish it Yourself

Dish It Yourself comprises five Intellectual Properties (IPs):

  • Streat Style: Featuring iconic street chefs. In this Govind teams up with the street maestros and recreates their famous dishes, so viewers can take a jab at it at home.
  • Insta Bites: Everyone needs a quick fix of something delicious. This section features recipes that can be done under a minute.
  • The Great Viral Recipes: Been awestruck by viral internet recipes? Here’s a channel where you’ll find the weirdest recipes that the Internet loves. We hope you do as well.
  • Experimart: The kitchen is like a canvas, where magic can happen. Guest chefs wear their most innovative hats and create unconventional recipes.
  • Pimp My Dish: Knock on unsuspecting people’s homes and have a famous chef surprise them by cooking for them in their kitchens.
  • Festival Specials: Festivals are made for indulgence. What better when you have a famous chef give you a blueprint for gluttony.

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