The GLOW Story | Brand Identity

Formulated and implemented an unconventional branding and identity strategy for a new diamond jewellery brand, affiliated with an established parent company since the last nine decades, Kirtilals. This encompassed a comprehensive analysis of competitors, consumers, and markets, culminating in the conceptualization of an innovative design direction tailored for the Indian market.

Inspiring the young consumer to express herself

Glow’s brand identity exercise started by competition and consumer mapping, and progressed to articulation of the brand archetype (Magician and Explorer), values (Inspiring change, independence & freedom of expression), personality (authentic, confident, charismatic, inspiring) and finally an identity system based on key tenets (modern, rooted in simplicity, a name that is easy to remember). We worked closely with the brand’s management team to define the vision and mission of Glow.

Glow aims to be a brand that makes your dreams come to life. It solves daily challenges to make a woman feel confident, where she can express her individuality, and freedom, sans inhibitions. It is rooted in creativity, innovation and thrives on diversity – drawing inspiration from nature and traditional designs, and adding a signature arch to them.  

Arriving at the name & visual identity

The play of celestial bodies became the inspiration of the design route. The light seen during the eclipse is ethereal and spiritually, solar eclipses suggest a new start. We embarked on a vibrant new path to pursue fresh horizons with our eclipse inspired name ‘Glow’, which also hinted at the luminosity of diamonds. A visual interest was added with the letter ‘O’ in the shape of a crescent. This also marks a distinct resemblance to the haram style necklaces in the world of jewellery. Extending the crescent mark makes the identity both memorable and highly adaptive.

Glow’s unique approach to colour celebration sets it apart in the jewellery industry, where subtlety and refinement usually take centre stage. We embrace a diverse palette, creating a vibrant contrast with the traditional elegance of white. In our designs, white serves as a silent spectator to a tapestry of creative interpretations. We prioritise the amplification of graphics with real images while maintaining a minimal and playful layout. This interplay of fonts, colours, and icons is consistently extended across all our digital and physical applications.

Opting for vibrant and bright colours contrasted with white, not only captures attention but also reflects our brand’s dynamic and energetic spirit. These vivid hues convey a sense of enthusiasm, optimism, and innovation, which resonates with our target audience and sets us apart in a crowded category.

A youthful approach allows us to infuse our brand with energy, creativity, and a sense of adventure, all of which are essential in engaging a younger demographic. By capturing the essence of youthfulness, we can create a brand that is relatable, exciting, and in tune with the evolving preferences and aspirations of our target audience.

A contemporary communication style allows us to engage with our audience in a relatable, dynamic, and contemporary manner. This approach not only resonates with the younger demographic but also reinforces our brand’s relevance and connection to their lives, while conveying our personality and values.